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If you’re reading this, our guess is that you have a cat. And that you love it dearly - just like we do. But love doesn’t come without sacrifice…or dead rodents, or birds for that matter.
Cats are proud hunters, and presenting their “trophy” to the owner is an essential part of that. Even so, your home is not a place for that. Finding a dead mouse on your living room floor is not fun, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg:
Mice and rats alone carry at least 35 diseases that are dangerous to humans
Dead animals are a safety and health hazard to children and other pets
If hidden, dead prey produces foul odor and may damage home surfaces

Our founder Thomas Prosser knows this problem all too well. Mouse Bouncer was inspired by his cat Smokey, a very lovable creature who likes his prey in full spotlight - on the living room floor, that is. Desperate for a solution, Thomas harnessed his engineering skills and passion for tech, setting off on a 5-year journey of trial and error.
Today, Mouse Bouncer is an ever-growing team on a mission to maximize cat household safety without compromising the thrill of hunting for our beloved cats.

Today, our recipe for success is called ZeroMouse.
It’s a smart take on a classic door flap, featuring a smart lock, cameras and AI trained to recognize rodents and other prey your cat is trying to sneak into the house. By denying entry in case the cat’s mouth is full, ZeroMouse will gradually retrain your cat to leave its prey outdoors.

No mouse in the house!